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National Flu Campaign (NFC)

The National Black Church Initiative Comprehensive National Flu Plan for African Americans and Latinos in the COVID-19 Age .pdf [109kb]

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is launching one of the most comprehensive flu programs ever in its history due to the COVID-19 virus.

Our messaging campaign will be targeted at African American and Latino families with an emphasis on but not limited to African American children, pregnant women, the disabled, and the homeless.

National Black Church Initiative National Flu Campaign One Pager .pdf [135kb]
Image of man in bed feeling poorlyWe all are at risk for getting and spreading the flu. If you have asthma or other lung diseases, you are at higher risk of developing complications from the flu.

Flu Risk Factors
Influenza is a very serious illness for anyone at high risk. Certain diseases that place people at high risk include:

  • diabetes or other chronic metabolic disorder
  • morbid obesity
  • diseases (HIV, AIDS) or treatments (steroids, chemotherapy) that suppress immunity

Race and Racism are the sole cause of low vaccine rate among African Americans

The National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) published in the Lancet on vaccine rates in the Medicare program. Their findings were that racism is informing vaccine rates in Medicare. NMQF took into account vaccine hesitancy, social determinants of health, health literacy as possible explanations for the low rates of vaccine for blacks, and found that they were not contributing causes, which left race as the sole explanation.
Effect of Race and Ethnicity on Influenza Vaccine Uptake Among Older US Medicare Beneficiaries: A Record-LinkageCohort Study .pdf [842kb]
Salaheddin M Mahmud, Liou Xu, Laura Lee Hall, Gary Puckrein, Edward Thommes, Matthew M Loiacono, Ayman Chit lancet-cover2
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Breaks Down How mRNA Vaccines Work
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down the technology that allowed for rapid development of safe and effective mRNA Covid-19 vaccines could lead to breakthroughs for other diseases. Source: CNN
Another Coronavirus Surge Is Unlikely, But The Pandemic Isn't Going Away, Former FDA Chief Says
"I think what you could see is a plateauing for a period of time before we continue on a downward decline -- in large part because (the UK variant) is becoming more prevalent, in large part because we're pulling back too quickly, with respect to taking off our masks and lifting the mitigation," he said. CNN
NBCI Assists Community Members in Getting Vaccinated for Flu

Given the extraordinary mortality and morbidity of the African American and Latino communities due to the COVID-19 virus, we have decided to make sure that all vulnerable populations within our 150,000 black churches, which constitutes 27.7 million churchgoers, are protected from the common flu and vaccinated.

The NBCI Educational Flu Session: NBCI reccomends that you review this video before getting the Flu shot.

The New Flu - Harvard Medical School. As the annual influenza season gets underway, how can we protect ourselves and our families from a highly contagious and dangerous virus? Since flu strains change each year, it's important to be aware of the symptoms, the best preventive measures and the newest treatment options available.

Infectious disease expert Daniel Kuritzkes will discuss current recommendations on how to stay healthy and flu-free in the months ahead.

Prevent Flu! Get a Flu Vaccine and Take Preventive Actions

Informational, 1-minute-50-second video from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that raises awareness about important influenza (flu) prevention actions, including receiving a flu vaccine every year. Preventive actions, including covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough and limiting your contact with others if you become sick, can also help prevent the spread of flu.

Cover image of Statistical and Sociological Impact document
Statistical and Sociological Impact of the Coronavirus on African and Multi-Ethnic Communities If Left Unabated .pdf [3.15mb]
Please check out CDC guidelines -- Rev. Anthony Evans, M.Div
COVID-19 Community Resources Kit

Helpful Tips on How To Protect Yourself from COVID-19 .pdf [327kb]

How to make a face covering, find a testing site near you and how to stay safe at public get togethers.