Hero Flight Attendant Saves Girl From Human Trafficking | Good Morning Britain

Shelia Frederick talks about how she managed to save a young girl from being abducted aboard a flight to San Francisco.

Broadcast on 09/02/17

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Eric Garner
Attorney General Robert Barr

The Honorable William Barr
United States Attorney General
U.S. Department Of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Honorable Attorney General Barr,

We are requesting a formal review of the entire Eric Garner case and a comprehensive look at all the evidence by a trusted and certified third party on how the U.S. Attorney's Office - Eastern District of New York of the and the Department of Justice arrived at your decision. This review should be conducted over the next 90 days.

We the undersigned are writing to express that we have lost all hope in the rule of law and law enforcement in light of your department refusal to bring the federal civil right charges against Daniel Pantaleo who murdered Eric Garner on videotape while his black female supervisor Kizzy Adonis watched and we believe that the Justice Department was in the business to lock- up murders.

Our 150,000 churches, our unborn and our ancestors from their graves cry out for justice and peace for black people. This is why we believe in God and not the rule of law.


The Right Most Rev. Anthony Evans
President, National Black Church Initiative

Click to read the complete letter to Attorney General Barr .pdf [67kb]

Derek Chauvin is a DEVIL

This is a picture of personification of EVIL in MODERN TIMES

Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin

Derek Michael Chauvin is one of the four police officers involved in the death of George Floyd. On May 25, 2020, an employee at Cup Foods located at 3579 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota called the Minneapolis Police Department to report a customer who was trying to pay with a counterfeit $20 bill.

Floyd, who was sitting on the hood of his car, apparently matched the suspect's descriptions, was arrested by Chauvin and three other police officers, Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Keung. It was a deadly encounter witnessed by several bystanders and streamed on Facebook Live.

For almost five minutes, as shown in the video, Chauvin knelt on the neck of Floyd, who repeatedly tried to tell the cops that he could not breathe. About an hour and a half later, Floyd died at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis

Police Brutality and George Floyd Press Releases
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White Churches Uncommonly Quiet on Zimmerman Verdict
(CNN) Even before the jury read their verdict acquitting George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an number of Black religious leaders had responses at the ready.

The voices of White pastors and predominantly White churches and religious groups? Much harder to find.
Verdict in Travon Martin Case a Licence to Kill Black Boys
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