The Purpose and Mission of the Black Church

On March 21, 2012, HDS professor Charles Adams explains in a powerful sermon/lecture, the true nature of the Black Church which this initiative is centered, at a Noon Service hosted by HDS Baptists. HDS Noon Service events present a weekly opportunity for the HDS community to pray or meditate with each other across many respective traditions.

Rev. Dr. Charles G. Adams to Receive NAACP Lifetime Award for 50 Years of Giving Back to the Community
By Laydell Wood Harper
Tell Us Detroit

BCNN1s Man of the Year selection recognizes people of faith who impact culture and society with their Christian worldview.
One of the most effective ways to influence culture is through the written word published on the largest communication medium in history -- the internet. Reverend Evans and these men and women have used the internet to speak out on important and controversial issues in 2012.

The Black Church - Standing Up for Christ

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The Black Church - Strength of the Black Community

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