The NBCI Five Plan


Staff Levels
  • NBCI hopes to add an additional 5 full time employees and 2 part time employees, bringing the numbers to 32 full time employees and 13 part time employees.
  • Percentage increase of full time employees – 18.5%
  • Percentage increase of part time employees – 18%
  • NBCI hopes to increase its budget by $350,000, bringing the total budget to $2,230,000 million.
Health Disparities
  • NBCI will continue to consult with regional health officials throughout the country concerning our key churches.
  • NBCI will continue to distribute health information through faith-based communities until the threat is gone.
  • NBCI will continue to focus on health disparities that are affecting the Black, Asian, and Latino communities.
  • During the 2010 NBCI Health Priority Targeting Seminar, priorities will be set for 2011.
    Childhood Obesity
    • NBCI hopes to engage an additional 50,000 children online at
    • NBCI plans to distribute an additional 50,000 NBCI health and wellness kits to these children.
    Adult Obesity
    • NBCI will continue to conduct the Black Women’s Health and Wellness Program.
    • NBCI will choose five additional cities in which to conduct the Health and Wellness Program.
    • NBCI will consult with National Institute of Health, CDC and National Women’s Health projects around the country in order to strengthen its programmatic approach.
    • NBCI will continue this program annually with the suggestions gained from the consultations.
Jerusalem Walk
  • NBCI will choose eight new cities in which to launch the program by the end of 2011.
Financial Literacy
  • NBCI will continue to focus upon the low-income communities and preaching the value of saving from our pulpit.
  • NBCI hopes to increase the number of low-income individuals creating savings account by an additional 50,000.
Information Technology Literacy (The Digital Divide)
  • NBCI faith communities will continue to have Internet access via kiosks placed in key churches.
Employee Evaluations
  • NBCI will continue to hold annual yearly employee evaluations.
  • This evaluation will provide targeted training to build the capacity to increase the number of individuals served through our initiative by 15% every year, with an emphasis on serving vulnerable populations.
Capacity Building and Training
  • NBCI will continue to hold seminars in each
  • of the command centers in order to increase the capacity to serve more people.
  • NBCI plans to increase service by 7.5%.