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BLACK Orchestral Network We are deeply concerned because the American orchestral community is not well.
This letter is a call to action to build a richer and more robust American orchestral community: one where musicians can share all aspects of their artistry and talents, where Black artists can see and center themselves in the history and future of the orchestral community, and can find reflections of themselves and their multiple strengths and complexities. We cannot call ourselves an American orchestral community if we are not inclusive of Black Americans and do not respect and acknowledge Black Americans’ contributions to American music and the orchestral community.

Baltimore: On the Verge of the Dawning of a New Renaissance .pdf [2.8mb]

Project Background
The public healthcare system has failed the vast majority of Baltimore citizens. COVID-19 has exacerbated this failure. They have not provided education, outreach, or culturally sensitive messaging to African American and Latino communities during the COVID-19 crisis, regarding the pandemic itself and the recently approved and widely distributed COVID-19 vaccines. There still exists stark health disparities and health inequities today.

Through our youth, NBCI hopes to provide a bridge of hope to the future to ensure that everyone is healthy and thriving in the vibrant city of Baltimore.

Our Request
NBCI seeks funding from local Baltimore businesses to support an important, cultural, and impactful community-based youth initiative in the form of a tax-deductible donation of $7,500.
Your business donation will provide support to NBCI youth initiatives in education,health promotion, family counseling, literacy programs, and more importantly,advocacy for the health community for all African American children nationwide. When the community is healthy and tourism can resume, it will help usher in this new renaissance in the greater Baltimore area. Each Baltimore-based business who decides to participate in this program and become an NBCI donor is helping to shapea new renaissance in Baltimore through a new mindset and positive outlook for the future of Baltimore through its children after the pandemic and beyond. They will also be pouring their hopes into a new future investment into our young, African American women. These children will become our new ambassadors for the city of Baltimore.

We have joined hands with Baltimore - positive community work over the years tocome - we hope to grow this program to 1,000 participants
Read more about this Baltimore Project Proposal .pdf [2.8mb]
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Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman Passes On
The poet and civil rights activist has died at the age of 86. Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman Passes On
Other Current NBCI Arts Initiative Projects
The Art of Father and Son as One: Jerome and Jeromyah Jones

With all of the negative images being painted of our people in the media, the NBCI endorses and supports a groundbreaking art exhibition of a father and son on their journey to teach, transform, and transcend.

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The Mountain Top featuring Samuel L Jackson and Angela Bassett

Below are films and onstage plays endorsed and supported by the National Black Church Initiative. Click here to see the Arts Initiative Archive.Jamie Foxx presents Thunder Soul Movie