Clinical Lecture Tour

The purpose of the lecture tour is to showcase the top African Americans clinicians in the country within their various clinical fields of expertise and demonstrate the CTEAPP methodology, the promises it offers in impacting and increasing the participation of African Americans in clinical trials, transforming the approach of the pharmaceutical industry and how they work with African American clinicians & the general public, and implementing CTEAPP as its model.

Lastly, the lecture tour will serve as a data collection platform to identify key stakeholders in the African American community as well as collect data on individuals who want more information on clinical trials across the country. All information collected will be voluntary. The data points for these will be email address, geographic location, any contact information, Twitter, Facebook, and any other self-disclosed information. We will use the list to announce clinical trails in all geographic areas applying NBCI faith command structure, zip codes, cities, and other identifiable factors to make sure that we can match individuals who want more information concerning participation with our partners and clinical trials being conducted.

This tour will include lectures on the importance of African American participation in clinical trials, and the role of the Black Church using its Clinical Trials Education Awareness and Participation Program (CTEAPP) clinical trial model.

    Who are some of the Clinicians giving the lectures?
  • We will select clinicians who have made enormous impacts in particular clinical areas and whose research will effect African Americans.
  • These clinicians must be connected to a major teaching university, be published, and have a strong pharmaceutical relationship, committed to increasing AA in the clinical trial space.

The National Black Church Initiative is initiating a fifteen part nationwide lecture series that will highlight noted African American clinicians and to further NBCI Clinical Trials Education Awareness and Participation Program (CTEAPP). The lecture series is another important building block of creating an expansive clinical trials initiative to increase minority participation. The goal of NBCI/ CETEAPP is to assure 15 percent or more black participation in clinical trials.

Previous Lectures

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The National Black Church Initiative is proud to present Dr. Macaya Douoguih, MD, MPH, Head, Janssen Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, Vaccines, who gave the inaugural lecture of its National Clinical Lecture Tour. We also welcome BIO and Janssen Pharmaceutical as our partners.

We are extremely honored to have someone of Dr. Douoguih's caliber address us. The title of her lecture is The State of African Americans and COVID-19: Where Do We Go From Here? Now Streaming on the NBCI YouTube channel

Understanding Options for Blood Cancers

March 18, 2015

Topics Covered
  • The role of clinical trials in blood cancer treatment
  • How clinical trials are designed
  • How to determine the best treatment option for you
  • Talking to your healthcare team about treatment options

John P. Leonard, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Weill Cornell Medical College
New York, NY

Q&A Session
  • Are you a Patient looking for Disease/Treatment Information?
  • Home Clinical Trials or Standard Treatment?
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