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The church understands there will be no church without strong families to support it.

Help Preserve the History of the
Black Church

The National Black Church Initiative is working with the Smithsonian Institute to help preserve and protect the First African Baptist Church, the oldest Black Baptist church in America.

No More Excuses: Creating a Culture in the Church That Reaches African-American Men

Small image of “No Excuses Book” In this thought-provoking book, Michael A. Stevens examines the cause of absence for African-American males in the houses of worship and the solutions to this growing epidemic. After reading this message, you will understand why most men avoid church, learn what can be done to engage and retain a healthy balanced gender congregation, and recognize the spiritual impact when men are connected to their local church.

As a leading expert in African-American church growth, Stevens dispels the misconceptions and offers a blueprint for the future of one of the church's most endangered species.

About the Author
Michael A. Stevens Sr. is committed to the discovery and development of personal purpose and positioning for the lives of men. He is the founder of University City Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and serves as a superintendent in the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Stevens received a bachelor of science degree in political studies from North Carolina
A & T State University.

He hosts a national weekly talk radio show, The Michael A. Stevens Show. Pastor Stevens has lectured coast-to-coast and abroad in such countries as South Africa, Peru, Bermuda, Kenya, Belize, and Israel.

He has been married to his college sweetheart, Sharon, and they are blessed with three wonderful children.

Pastor Stevens was named one of "30 Emerging Voices Under the Age of Forty" by Charisma magazine and has written some articles for them since.

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Black men need to go to church!

The Bringing Black Men Back to Church initiative is committed to getting 10 million or more black men back into the church over the next ten years. We want every black man in America to know that our doors and our hearts are always open to them. By returning to the church, black men will bolster their families against the tides of violence, poverty, moral depravity, and failures that plague the African American community. By re-establishing their connection with the Lord, black men will become better fathers, husbands, members of society and leaders in the community.

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phillytrib-logo.jpg After several years of examining literature about Black churches and the Black community, the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) has come up with a seven-year plan to attract 1.5 million males to church and keep them.
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