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Do you need a new job or do you want us to pray for your family?

National Black Church Initiative Foreclosure Prevention Guide .pdf [28kb] Requires Adobe Acrobat
  • Information on how to keep your home
  • State-by-state lists of housing counseling agencies

Russell C. Goeins III, Writer / Producer of "Born to Overcome"

Russell C. Goeins III, WriterProducer of “Born to Overcome”Russell C. Goeins III is a screenwriter and producer who has a passion for unique and creative story telling. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Russell and his beautiful wife of twentyone years moved to the Orlando Florida area in 2003. In 2010, he attended the Peach Tree Film festival in Atlanta Georgia, where his original spec script entitled "Skin and Bones" garnered the attention of several writers, producers and directors and has since led to numerous writing jobs.

Russell graduated from World Harvest Bible School in 1996 where he earned a certificate of Christian Ministry. He has a passion for public speaking and is an active leader and teacher in his local church. He also writes short stories, essays and non-fiction books. When he's not writing, Russell enjoys traveling the world with his wife Tanya and their three daughters, as well as playing golf (not nearly as often as he would like), reading and of course, watching movies!

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Other Current NBCI Arts Initiative Projects

The Art of Father and Son as One: Jerome and Jeromyah Jones

With all of the negative images being painted of our people in the media, the NBCI endorses and supports a groundbreaking art exhibition of a father and son on their journey to teach, transform, and transcend.

Past Arts Initiative Projects NBCI Has Endorsed or Supported

Below are films and onstage plays endorsed and supported by the National Black Church Initiative. Click here to see the Arts Initiative Archive.

The Mountain Top featuring Samuel L Jackson and Angela Bassett

Jamie Foxx presents Thunder Soul Movie

NBCI Arts Initiative Press Releases

  • NBCI Strongly Endorses "The Mountaintop" on Broadway .pdf [114kb]
    This Signals NBCI's New Art Initiative. Rev Anthony Evans, President of NBCI says, “We have been searching for some time for an artistic expression the Black Church can put its arm around.”