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NBCI Salutes Nelson Mandela - Our African Hero

NBCI Salutes Nelson Mandela - Our African Hero

White Churches Uncommonly Quiet on Zimmerman Verdict

(CNN) Even before the jury read their verdict acquitting George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an number of Black religious leaders had responses at the ready.

The voices of White pastors and predominantly White churches and religious groups? Much harder to find.

Featured Trayvon Martin Articles
and Press Releases
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Digital Divide Initiative
Please Help the Black Church Protect our Men, Women and Children!

We need your help to raise $100,000 to fund a national campaign against brutal police forces and those who would harm Black men, women and children without legal consequence.

DONATE NOW! $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $200.00 or more. No donation is too small.

Beneath Chicago mom Cynthia Lane called CNN in 2016 and asked reporter Rosa Flores to look into her son's death. That one phone call led to a yearlong investigation and the making of "Beneath The Skin."

Flores and a team of producers consulted with forensic pathologists in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Missouri regarding some disturbing photos of Roshad McIntosh's body. Flores and team obtained autopsy reports, autopsy photographs and investigative documents from the Office of the Medical Examiner of Cook County.

Most of the reporting for this project was done in Chicago and Miami, with additional production support from New York, Atlanta and Chicago. Flores filmed herself at her desk and in the field over the course of the investigation to support the project's production.

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The National Black Church Initiative Plan to Stop Crime In Our Black Communities
These proposals by NBCI will illustrate to those who believe, that there is an answer to crime in our Black communities, so-called "Black on Black crime". This is a bold scientifically based, crime data generated proposal. This is the type of out of the box, cutting edge solution that the Black Church will offer to stubborn problems that continue to stain the souls of their communities.
Black family in front of their house
It will require all responsible civic and legal organizations to do their jobs to reduce crime in our Black communities. So-called "Black on Black crime" is not a trait nor is it characteristic of African American people, but it is a symptom of a greater psycho-socioeconomic racial cloud that hovers on the general society which is driven by poverty and institutional racism.

Is it fair to say that "Black on Black crime" exists when there are other factors that drives this scenario? This proposal will not generate into a philosophical argument on the definition of so-called "Black on Black crime". Those of us who are educated, understand that this is a multidimensional problem that society needs an answer for. The Black Church has come up with an answer and 16 Action Steps that constitute a solution.

Crime Prevention Proposals and Press Releases
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NBCI Demands Justice for Trayvon Martin and all of our Black boys
Stevie Wonder, Rev. Jesse Jackson Join Rev. Anthony Evans of the NBCI In Total 5 Year Boycott of the State of Florida We Seek to Withhold Florida $25 billion Over the Life of the Boycott

The Black Church Will Not Spend Money Where We Are Not Respected

Rev. Evans Demands Attorney General Holder to File Civil Rights Charges Against George Zimmerman
Rev. Evans leads protest and press conference in front of the Department of Justice Headquarters in Washington, DC to demand that Civil Rights charges be brought against George Zimmerman in the wake of his being judged not guilty for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Video of NBCI press conference in front of DOJ
Washington, DC–The National Black Church Initiative ,a coalition of 34,000 churches representing 15.7 million African American churchgoers, is outraged at the lack of respect Florida has shown to African Americans following the Trayvon Martin Verdict. The black church has no choice but to encourage our member churches and congregants to pull all resources from the state of Florida, and boycott the state for a period of no longer than five years.

Our goal is to abolish the stand your ground law. The boycott will begin on October 1, 2013. We are urging everyone who has made plans to visit the State of Florida to immediately cancel them.

The Rev. Anthony Evans, President of NBCI said "of course as the Black church we love and respect all residents of the state of Florida. However, we can not continue to financially support a state that has shown such blatant disrespect for our brother in Christ Trayvon Martin.

His tragic end was met with no justice, and as a result we must act to carry his message and that of his family's–that no black child should ever have to fear walking down the street due to the color of his skin. The verdict that came down after the trial of George Zimmerman proved one thing– that now in America there is a license to freely kill our black boys. We cannot and will not tolerate this and will continue our boycott of the state of Florida until justice is served."

We are calling for a total sustained five year boycott of the State of Florida. This boycott will not target any specific product or service associated with the state. We seek a sustained total boycott on all products and services in and of Florida. This includes but is not limited to tourism, theme parks, and any product or service originating in the State of Florida. This boycott will include any entertainment or entertainers. This also includes any and all college and professional sporting events. This means that we are encouraging African Americans and concerned citizens not to attend or support their home teams in Florida. This includes the Marlins as well as the Miami Heat basketball team.

We are also encouraging African Americans to join the National Black Church Initiative savings program and to learn about the critical lessons of financial literacy over the next five years.

All interested participants are invited to visit our program's website: