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Our health emergency
Declaration in recognition
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Autism Spectrum
Disorders in the African
American Community

Autism and Additional Resources Section

NBCI is pleased to provide educational and informational materials for parents, physicians and educators interested in learning more about autism.

Autism and Your Religious Community
Faith is a very important part of life for so many families in the autism community. Our hope is that all families affected by autism may be welcomed in their house of worship, and able to become active participants in their faith community.
Autism and Your Church
We have put together a list of resources that families and faith leaders may find helpful.
Click Here

For an informational flyer for parents with concerns about their child, click here.
Autism information for parents

For an informational flyer on how clinicians, educators and other professionals can promote early access to care, click here. Autism information for professionals

Message to Educators
For a short introduction to the "Talking to Parents About Autism" kit and its materials Click here. Autism for educators

Health Emergency Declaration (HED)
Autism Diagnoses Tend to Come Later for
African American Children.
Autism occurs in 1 in 68 children. Early diagnosis and intervention has lifetime consequences for these children and their families.

What is autism and what are the early signs?

The signs of autism can be detected by 18 to 24 months. And yet most children with autism are not diagnosed until at least 5 years of age and miss the opportunity for early intervention.

Autism Navigator Courses

For parents, professionals, and anyone interested in learning about autism


The best time to get ready for preschool is between 9 and 16 months. The milestones that matter most are the ones that come before words. Check out our 16 by 16 Lookbooks "16 Gestures by 16 Months" and "16 Actions with Objects" to learn the critical milestones that children should reach by 16 months.

Our Online Guided Tour is another great way to learn the milestones. The Guided Tour is free for parents, grandparents and others who are caring for babies 6-24 months old.

Bridging the Gap Between Science & Community Practice

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