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National Black Church Initiative is a subsidiary of the DC Black Church Initiative

Targeted Population for Clinical Trials
The Importance of Participation

NBCI understands the importance of clinical trials for adolescent African-Americans. It is important that adolescent African-Americans are proportionately represented in clinical of common disease states such as Diabetes, AIDS, Cancer and Heart Diseases. For the past for years NBCI has been conducted seminars in our faith-community to encourage more African-Americans to participate in clinical trials. We feel that all clinical trials should be conducted by the highest of ethical standards and adhere to current, federal laws, rules, and regulations that govern these trials. It is critical that these protocols are in place before NBCI or NBCI member congregates participate in any clinical trial regimen.

The following issues should be settled before any participation occurs:

  • There must be a signed consent form.
  • There must be education on the effects of drug therapy or therapy in general.
  • There must be coverage for the individual if anything goes wrong.
  • All government protocol in reference to safeguards must be adhered to.
  • The individual who agreed to participate should follow the clinical trial’s instructions in order to achieve the best results.

There are two critical reasons why NBCI is supporting clinical trials. It is a way in which the individual can receive cutting-edge drug therapy and medical coverage. When the individual does not have health insurance, or has a limited form of health insurance. Secondly, it is critical for adolescent African Americans to participate in these trials so that researches can know the physiological effects of drugs concerning the racial minority. The third is that they may help society create a cure or an effective drug management technique that will reduce the agony and the pain of a group of individuals who suffer from either a common disease state or a rare one.

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