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National Black Church Initiative is a subsidiary of the DC Black Church Initiative



The National Black Church Initiative

The Baby Fund Project - www.babyfund.info

The Baby Fund website is currently online. It is being revamped to include online sexual predators, a link to sexual predators who live in neighborhoods throughout America, and to work against sexual enslavement of children around the world.  This site will work very closely with law enforcement officials to reach these goals.

Racial Health Disparities - www.naltblackchurch.com

This website will deal exclusively with the issues of health disparities in the African American and Latino communities. We will cover common health problem s that effect both racial groups, as well as emerging concerns such as the Bird Flu and obesity. The website will have critical links to minority health divisions in CDC, HHS and NIH. We will also link this website to teaching hospitals around the country, especially those who are conducting clinical trials.

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NBCI - National Black Church Initiative