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National Black Church Initiative is a subsidiary of the DC Black Church Initiative

NBCI supports the objectives of "The Covenant" and the "Covenant in Action" Books

The Covenant Book

Covenant in Action Book


Revolution Health

Future Areas of Programmatic Interest

Reentry Program

  • NBCI is interested in and committed to providing comprehensive care and mentorship to children of incarcerated parents.
  • NBCI currently has 50 churches around the country conducting reentry programs. We plan to increase this number to 250. Future plans involve expanding existing programs and focusing upon areas such as the mentoring children of incarcerated individuals, working with state, federal, and local authorities to reduce repeat offenses and providing referrals technical assistance to help returning individuals choose a profession.

Crime-Prevention Plan

  • NBCI has partnered with the Prince George’s County State Attorney’s office to create crime-prevention-models targeting young African American males. This project will last one year and be focused in Capital Heights, MD, where the crime rate has risen 87% in the last two and a half years. If this model is successful, we hope to write up its curriculum and share it with other churches around the country.
  • The elements of this model are based upon current, successful, science-based programs concerning crime-prevention.
  • The uniqueness of NBCI’s model is that it is faith-based and we offer a five-monitoring service through our faith-based communities.
  • Housing counseling
NBCI - National Black Church Initiative