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 Monthly Update Plans

In general text/data site changes will be billed to your company at $25 per page.

What if your site needs frequent updates?
For $69.95 per month, we will handle

  • yearly domain name renewals
  • monthly website hosting fees,
  • up to 50 corrections or changes per month

This monthly update agreement covers “reasonable corrections” any text and/or data changes to your website that do not require a complete redesign or relocation of the graphical elements of the page.

The monthly update agreement can save your company or organization money if your site needs frequent updates.

The Unlimited Monthly Update Agreement
Unlimited corrections, animations, flash graphics, text/data changes, total web page design and redesign changes for a retainer fee starting at $995 per month.

The Site Maintnenance Update Agreement
For major and consistent site maintenance, you can "retain" services for at least 40 hours per week from our web designers for $3,600/month.  

With this coverage, we handle

  • all monthly hosting fees
  • yearly domain name registration renewal fees;
  • all of your web design and service needs.

You maintain ownership of the domain name we register for your company; however, we will make the payments and maintain the registration.

You may also choose to make changes to the website yourself. If you chose this option, the FTP password used to update your website will be handed over to you and released from us. However, updating the website yourself may take concentration away from your business.

If you already have a website, you can choose our services, but only after a thorough examination of the site.

We reserve the right to refuse maintenance on a website due to content or technical issues.