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The National Black Church Initiative's (NBCI) Black Church Health Consumer Index Survey (BCHCIS) is an innovative tool to track and analyze up-to-date data covering our membership's interactions with the health care system. cover

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NBCI Corporate Capability Statement

NBCI has the capability of reaching African American and Latino target populations with health literature and information anywhere in the United States where there are black churches.
NBCI Corporate Capability Statement

Health Emergency Declaration (HED) Kick-off


The press conference was held March 28, 2010 at the Israel Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD, kicking off a seven year commitment to healthier lifestyles for all African Americans through education, pre-screening, improved diet, physical exercise, and clinical trials

Baltimore represents the first HED health community, one of 35 such communities across the country.

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The church must work
with health experts to
come up with plans to stop
AIDS in all segments
of the African

Visit the NBCI Autism
Awareness Page

Our health emergency
Declaration in recognition
of the significance of
Autism Spectrum
Disorders in the African
American Community

NBCI Announces the
Kick-Off of an
Innovative COPD
Education Program

The Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: A Scientific Overview The research behind eating more fruits and vegetables
The Black Church and the Importance of Good Nutrition
What the black church needs to
say to its congregations
about good nutrition.
How Science-based and Community-based
Organizations May
Work with the
Black Church

Producing Effective
Health Promotion
and Policy Initiatives

Myeloma Link

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
(LLS) has joined forces with NBCI to increase
access to education and treatment for myeloma in
the African American communities.

Connecting African American Communities
to Free Information, Expert Care, and Support

Health Emergency Declaration (HED)

National Implementation and Dissemination Project

Under the National Implementation and Dissemination for Chronic Disease Prevention initiative, the Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) is providing technical assistance, training and resources to 50 selected communities that are receiving funding for improving health, preventing chronic disease and reducing health disparities.

Montage of health related images The Black community, because of its historic disadvantage of not being a part of the original American democracy -- some would say the American experiment -- and because of its horrible health composition and status, can ill afford to wait for health reform that will not truly take hold for another ten years.

The National Black Church Initiative, having grown morally frustrated on the pace of achieving equality in health in any area, is moving with immense speed to reveal its Health Emergency Declaration (HED) that will institute throughout its 34,000 churches proven health prevention strategies and models that will begin to alter, transform and eliminate the negative health statistics between whites and blacks in this country.

Health Emergency Declaration (HED) Core Values

Know your body. 1. Know your body.
Visit the doctor. 2. Visit the doctor.
Increase fruit and vegetable intake 3. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake by 150%.
Increase physical activity 4. Increase your physical activity by 150%.
Get enough sleep 5. Get enough sleep (8 hours).
Take 'mental breaks' 6. Take "mental breaks" to reduce stress.
Quit - do not start smoking 7. Quit smoking or do not start smoking.
  • Health Emergency Declaration Paper .pdf [1.6mb]
    The National Black Church Initiative declares a national health emergency in the Black church highlighting the health crisis in the African American community. This paper explains why we are taking such dramatic actions and the proven, scientific methods we will be using to solve the crisis.
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HED Section
calendar-date.gifHealth and Wellness Made Easy - 365 Tips for Better Health .pdf [462kb]
The premise of wellness is that you can live a long, healthy, active life. Wellness means reducing your risk for chronic disease, banishing environmental and safety hazards from your home and workplace, and eliminating unnecessary trips to the doctor-but making the best use of the healthcare system when you need it.
medicine-spoon.gifMedication Made Easy .pdf [6mb] Becoming your own medication manager-in partnership with your doctor and your pharmacist-has never been more important. This is the best way to ensure that you use prescription drugs safely, and that they're as effective as possible.
Drug Interaction Checker - Check any 2 drugs for interactions
Drug interactions can result in unwanted or dangerous side effects and reduce-or increase-the actions of medicines. The drug interaction checker provides information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, herbals and supplements.